Interior Detailing- All the nooks and crannies...


You spend most of your time eat here, drink here, and you can expect that this is probably the dirtiest area of the car, most of the time! But we don't expect that your weekend beauty receives the same abuse as your children hauler (minivan).  So, we've designed a package to cover all the bases! 

Level 1: Basic Interior
Est. Time:  2 - 3 Hours     |     Cost: $120 - $160


A great place to start. The basic interior is more than just a maintenance procedure, most vehicles can be thoroughly cleaned back to a like new condition. Recommended for moderately clean vehicles & vehicles with darker color carpets. 


  • Complete and Thorough Vacuum of Carpets and Floor Mats

  • Dash Wipe Down to Matte Finish

  • Steam Clean Ventilation System 

  • Center Console Steam Clean

  • Interior Windows 

  • Vacuum Rear Deck Lid

  • Steam Clean Carpet/Upholstery (Will Remove Light Soiling- No guarantee on Stain Removal) 

Level 2: Premier Interior (Our Most Popular Package)
Est. Time:  4 - 6 Hours     |     Cost: $160- $240


Is heavy staining from carpet soiling, juice/drink/coffee spills a problem? How about tobacco odor, pet smells, mold or mildew stinch? Then this is the right package for you!  All soiling addressed with stain removers and carpet, mats, and upholstery will be finished with a fabric protector to prevent future staining for months to come!  All dried fabric will receive an odor enzyme bacterial removal treatment to eliminate any malodors. Recommended for most minivans and vehicles with light carpeting/upholstery.


  • All Features of the Level 1 Package

  • Carpet/Upholstery Shampoo 

  • Auto Odor Eliminator 

  • Leather Cleaner/Conditioner Treatment (if applicable)

  • Carpet and Floor Mat Guard Applied for Added Protection from Future Spills and Soiling

Level 3: Elite Interior
Est. Time:  24 Hours     |     Cost: $275 - $355


Deep clean your leather and restore it to best possible condition!  This is a 24 hour treatment and will require leaving the vehicle overnight. The hand applied treatment deeply penetrates pores and fibers of the leather and lifts out dirt and oils. Absolute best way to restore leather to glove-soft, luxuriously supple and durable finish; this will prevent drying, cracking, and tearing by strengthening the leather.  Completely freshen the inside of your vehicle,  no matter what the smell!  The A/C & Heat System will be treated for mold, mildew and fungus growth on the evaporator of the HVAC system while treating the inside of your vehicle for any common malodorous smells (smoke, pets, body odor).  Select this top of the line treatment & also receive:

- All the Features of Level 2 Package
- HVAC System Odor & Healthguard Treatment
- Air Cabin Filter Replacement (if applicable)
- Leatherique 24 hour Leather Rejuvenation Treatment

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