Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


Our frequently asked questions are designed to answer questions that we receive most frequently about our company and give you the quickest response and ability to better make a decision about our company.  If you don't see your question here, please give us a call!  



Why should I detail my new car?


Unfortunately, new cars are subject to the elements of dealerships high volume environments.  The demand to produce quality at a fast pace generally results in many errors; halograms, missed sanding marks, wax residue  in cracks and on trim, and other mistakes that result in poor quality work.  Bring us your new car  to ensure that your paint is in pristine condition and fully protected for years to come.

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Will wax remove scratches from my car?


Wax is purely protection for your vehicles paint.  While it has the ability to "mask" these scratches and hide them temporarily, it does nothing to remove them permanently.  This is often mistaken for times when someone "buffs" your car by applying wax and the scratches return at a later date (generally in worse condition than before).  We recommend polishing your paint with our gloss enhancement package once a year to maintain a nearly scratch and damage free paint.  All polishing stages are finished with a long lasting durable wax or sealant.


Why should I have a permanent ceramic coating installed?


The automotive industry is now producing some of the worlds best looking vehicles and the automotive industry is now producing the worlds best protection for them.  Never before has it been possible to protect a vehicle for up to 10 years or more.  We have researched and tested many coatings and feel that C.Quartz Finest and Modesta offer the best in: self cleaning abilities, increased surface hardness, gloss, scratch prevention, water repelling, and many other features that make your maintenance a breeze while you own the vehicle!

Do you offer mobile detailing?


Yes, we offer fully mobile services to the entire state of Delaware. All of our detailing packages and ceramic coating services are available to you at your home. Because of the complexities of some of the packages and the time restraints, adequate accommodations may be required. We service, Wilmington DE, Newark DE, Bear DE Middletown DE, Townsend DE, Smyrna DE, Dover DE, Camden-Wyoming DE, Milford DE, Milton DE, Lewes DE, Rehoboth DE, Bethany DE, Ocean View DE, Fenwick-Island DE and much more. Didn't see your town listed above? For your assurance- we service All of New Castle County, Kent County, and Sussex County Delaware. Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania? Call us to check availability.


Do you have insurance?


Yes, we are fully insured, so you can rest assured that you and your vehicle are well covered.