Beyond Detailing-  Often overlooked "details"


Don't overlook these often forgotten "details" when you choose an auto detailing package.  These services are often overlooked but really complete the features of your vehicle.  We also recommend these services if you're trading in your vehicle to increase your trade-in value as well!   Call and speak to a specialist about incorporating these into a package for special package pricing. 

Wheel Repair
Leather Protection System
Est. Time:  2-3   |  Cost: $295 (2 Seat) / $395 Sedan

Not your average cleaning and condition. A 2 parts leather protection system that will protect your leather for years from harmful UV, body oils, wear and tear and other chemicals that contact the seat. Part 1 is a permanent solution that is chemically resistant, stain resistant and provides eased cleaning while part 2 is an abrasion resistant formula that specifically protects against your seats from your pants as you slide in and out of your seats. Totally unique and totally worth it for advanced leather protection! 

Wheel Repair
Carpet Protection
Est. Time:  2 hours    |     Cost: $150+


Not your standard Scotch Guard treatment. Semi-permanent, longer lasting and more durable than your typical fabric protection adds years of protection to carpet fibers. Our carpet protection not only adds a stain guard barrier to the fibers but also has a level of hydrophobic tendencies to prevent liquid from penetrating through the carpet that causes premature wear and fading.

Wheel Repair
Odor Removal & Healthguard Treatment
Est. Time:  2 hours  |     Cost: $100


Bacteria, allergens, germs, mildew, mold and other malodor are often the cause of the displeasing smells  that overwhelm you when you enter your vehicle. Couple this treatment with a thorough Interior Cleaning service and remove these smells and harmful bacteria from your vehicle for good! Not a deodorizer that masks the scent, we effectively target and kill these permanently! 

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