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Detailing Packages: Something for everyone's needs.


It's important to maintain your vehicles paint, wheels, rubber and trim, carpet, leather and upholstery and all other facets of your automobile.  However, we realize evey need is different, so we created a package for "that." Take a look at our services to decide which fits your needs best.

Package 1: Mini Detail Plus
Est. Time: 1 - 2 Hours     |     Cost: $100- $140


Great to remove the grit and grime built up on the exterior and remove the light layer of dust buildup on the inside!  


  • PH Neutral Shampoo 

  • Wheels Cleaned with pH-Neutral Cleanser

  • Tires Dressed 

  • Hand Dried for Spotless Finish

  • Vacuum Floor Mats ONLY

  • Interior Windows Cleaned (Ammonia Free Cleaner)

  • Protection Wax Applied to Front Bumper and Side Mirrors

  • Dash Dust Removal and (Matte Finish) Protectant Applied

Mobile detailing in full motion! Thank y
Package 2: The Silver Standard Detail
Est. Time: 4 - 6 Hours     |     Cost: $245 - $315


Recommended semi-annually to revitalize and protect your exterior surfaces while maintaining a clutter and stain free interior. 


  • Includes Package 1

  • Average Bug & Tar Decontamination

  • Exterior Trim Dressed

  • Exhaust Tips Polished

  • Wipe Door Jambs

  • Complete Basic Interior Detail with Carpet/Upholstery Steam Cleaning

  • Paint Sealed 6 Month Sealant

Package 3: Complete Interior / Exterior Detail (Our Most Popular Package)
Est. Time: 6 – 8 Hours     |     Starting at: $325 - $395


Recommended annually  to completely restore your paints exterior condition and restore luster and enhance painted surfaces. Renew carpet to "like new" condition removing maximum amount of stains. 


  • Includes Package 2

  • Heavy Bug & Tar Decontamination

  • Clay Bar Treatment (Removes rough texture from cleaned paint surface)

  • All Glass Sealed and Protected

  • Complete Level 2 Premier Interior inc. Carpet/Upholstery Shampoo

  • Leather Seats Cleaned and Conditioned (where applicable)

  •  Sealant Applied to Wheels

  • All in One Paint Cleanser Polish (Removes road film & restore paint luster)

Package 4: Elite Exterior & Interior Detail
Est. Time: 10 – 12 Hours     |     Cost: $395 - $475

  • Includes Package 3

  • Water Repellant and Stain Protection Applied to All Carpet/Upholstery and Floor Mats

  • Iron Decontamination (Removes Embedded Iron Particles from Paint and Wheels)

  • Rain Guard Applied to All Windows

  • Engine Cover Wipe Down, Dressed and Protected

  • Stage 1 Gloss Enhancement (Removes Light Swirls and Scratches)

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Detailing Packages
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